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Summer Learning

We encourage all students to explore our summer learning opportunities. While the packets below are not required, they are strongly encouraged! Many of the packets below were created by a dedicated team of teachers at Dickerson Middle School. Our teachers will teach the same content found in the packets.

ELA - All Grades 

Math - 6th grade

Math - 7th grade

Math - 8th grade

High School Math - 8th grade

Science - 6th grade

Science - 7th grade

Science - 8th grade

Social Studies - 6th grade

Social Studies - 7th grade

Social Studies - 8th grade

Summer Bridge Program - Rising 6th Grade

Students joining us for their 6th grade year are encouraged to attend our Summer Bridge event on July 26, 2023. Information can be found on the flyer below: 



School Tours
Interested in visiting our school this summer? Availability is limited and an appointment is required. To sign up for the tours, you can use this link: