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PCMS Administration Team
Dr. Donnie Davis 

Angela Effatt
Assistant Principal, 6th Grade AP for: (Teams Burnett-Williams, Price, Schiff, Williams)
Dr. Angelique Conner
Assistant Pricipal, 6th Grade (Team Smith); 7th Grade (Team Henley); 8th Grade (Team Cosby)
Alvin Edwards
Assistant Principal, Attendance; Title I; Transportation; 7th Grade AP for: (Teams  J. Smith, Walker, Bustamante, and Heyward)
Scott Shrader
Assistant Principal, STEM; 8th Grade AP for: (Teams Burdette, Hollander, Posey, and K. Crowe)

Ava Moore
Lead Teacher for Special Education (7th Grade, 8th Grade, ID Classes)
 Marilyn Hunter
Lead Teacher for Special Education (6th Grade,  
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