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Gifted and High Achiever Eligibility

(from the DeKalb County Website)


High Achiever Eligibility:
  • CRCT score of 825 or higher  or 70% or higher on nationally normed test
  • Students must maintain a “B” average to remain in a High Achiever’s class


Gifted Eligibility:
The Program for the Gifted is part of the Teaching and Learning Department and is funded by the state. The procedures for identifying and placing students in the gifted program are governed by the Georgia State Department of Education.

To be eligible for gifted services, students must qualify in three of the following four areas:

  • Mental Ability - Minimum of 96% in at least one sub-test area.
  • Achievement - Minimum of 90% on achievement testing
  • Creativity - Minimum of 90% on an assessment for creativity.
  • Motivation - Minimum of 90% on an assessment for motivation


  • A qualifying score on a nationally normed test is required to meet the criteria in at least one area.
  • Private test data may not be used to determine eligibility. It may be used as a referral for further evaluation

Transferring within the DCSS
If a student in a gifted program is transferring within the DCSS, he or she will automatically become part of the receiving school's gifted program.

Transferring Within the State of Georgia
A student already participating in a gifted program in another Georgia school system will be eligible to participate in the DeKalb County School System's Program for Gifted upon receipt of eligible scores from the sending school and their review by the Eligibility Coordinator.

Gifted Students from an Out-of-State Program
Gifted students who enroll from an out-of-state program must meet Georgia requirements in order to be placed in the DeKalb County School System Program for Gifted. All scores must be current within two years and additional assessment may be necessary. These students are placed into non-Gifted classes until eligibility can be determined.


Students must maintain a "B" Average to remain in the program.

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