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Women in Technology (WIT)


Women in Technology (WIT) is a great STEM initiative for young women ages 13 – 18. If you have a daughter (or female family member) at PCMS, or DHS, please share the below message with them and encourage them to sign up if interested. 


Dear Dr Davis,

I am thrilled to share the details of EY’s (Ernst & Young) Corporate Social Responsibility outreach activity aimed at identifying, empowering and inspiring the next generation of girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers.  

We have launched a global ‘Women in Technology (WIT)’ program in the US, aimed at accelerating gender parity in the technology space. As part of the program, we have built a mobile platform that engages girls in STEM curriculum.  It also engages parents & schools to highlight the need and encourage girls to explore high-growth STEM careers. The 6 month pilot program is focused on girls aged 13-18 years old and will connect 1500 girls in the Atlanta metro, 1500 in Seattle and 2000 in Delhi. It is completely free and paid for by EY.

Welcome Video: Overview of the STEM program

Demo Video: Features of the STEM App:


How can a girl register for the EY STEM Tribe app?


First fill in the registration form using the following link- ..The consent form link will then be sent to the parent/guardian’s email mentioned in the registration.  


Attached you will find flyers that can be shared with parents and students about the pilot program.


The deadline for signing up to use the app is October 24, 2019. After this date, we will schedule and host an informational session at PCMS for students and their parents that have signed up for the EY STEM app. We will provide the scheduled session date and time to those students that have signed up for the EY STEM app. Please encourage interested students and their parents to sign up as soon as possible. The EY STEM app will be limited to the first 1,500 students to sign up in metro Atlanta.


To reiterate, the Key benefits include:


•    High quality new age content: Platform comprises of content from globally renowned institutions like Stanford, Georgia Tech, Columbia etc, it covers new age technology topics. Content is  mapped back with the UN Sustainable Development goals and key transferrable skills per OECD

•    Fun activities designed to accelerate STEM learning: Content is curated in the form of fun practical gamified activities with rewards to generate STEM interest through experiential incentivised learning

•    Rewards: The girls can compete to win (i) fun rewards like telescope, robotics kit etc. or (ii) mentoring session with a Sr Manager at EY or (iii) charitable reward- EY will donate monetary equivalent of reward points earned by girls though activities to charities

•    Exposure to STEM role models: App helps influence STEM value by showcasing career paths of STEM role models through stories to share, mentorship and internship with EY 

•    Measuring the proof of impact: Measure of the STEM interest, value, competence and transferrable skills that would enable parents and schools to monitor girl’s areas of interest


Please let me know if you have any questions. Students and parents should also direct any questions regarding this program and EY STEM app to me – see email address below.


Contact Email:


We look forward to embarking with you on this global movement to play our part in ensuring that the future is equal. Thank you!


Best Regards,



STEM Flyer

Welcome to EY Tribe

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