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PCMS Dress Code and Code of Student Conduct

PCMS Dress Code

The Peachtree Charter Middle School charter agreement states that each student will adhere to the following dress standards during school hours. The only exception will be on Dress-Down Days, which occur once a month, as noted on the PCMS Events Calendar. These are held as the school wide fundraisers for charities. On Dress-Down Days, all DeKalb County dress code standards must still be met.

See below for a list of the PCMS dress standards. Download the PCMS Dress Code.

Standard #1 - Clothing

  • All clothing must be one solid color and plain - no wording designs, stripes or patterns.

Standard #2 - Shirts/Sweaters/Jackets

  • Collared, button down or polo style shirts (pullover sport/golf shirt with collar) - MUST BE TUCKED AT ALL TIIMES.
  • Three buttons on the shirts- two top buttons may be unbuttoned, but must be able to button if requested.
  • A turtleneck may be worn - solid colors only.
  • Sweaters and cardigans are acceptable - solid colors only.
  • Solid colored jackets/coats- name brands must not be visible - heavy jackets, those with lining, are not to be worn in the classroom- must stay in locker.
  • Spirit Wear- PCMS/Feeder Schools/Dunwoody HS: t-shirts and sweatshirts (band, drama, orchestra, CV Classic) may be worn as an alternative to the button down shirt. If a sweatshirt is worn, an appropriate shirt must be worn underneath.
  • No t-shirts allowed (besides Spirit Wear) and no college spirit wear.

Standard #3 - Pants/Shorts/Skirts

  • All pants, skirts, shorts, cargos, skorts, jeans, capris, must be one solid color - preferably blue, black, or khaki.
  • Students may not wear pants and skirts - one or the other.
  • Avoid excessively tight or baggy pants and no “Jeggings”.
  • Skirts must be no more than three inches above the knee, all the way around.
  • Unadorned pants - no lace, rivets, patches, torn/ripped.

Standard #4 - Footwear

  • Footwear must be worn by all students - NO BARE FEET.
  • No heels, flip-flops or bedroom slippers (safety reasons) - prefer sneakers/loafers.
  • No “Heelys” or shoes with wheels.
  • Appropriate athletic shoes are required for PE.

Standard #5 - Hats

  • Unless specified by a special Dress-Down Day, or for medical/religious reasons, hats are not to be worn inside the school.

Standard #6 - PE Uniforms

  • The required PE uniform is to be worn only during PE class.
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