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High Achiever Requirements

The High Achievers (HA) Program at Peachtree Charter Middle School is for students who meet the criteria for the program. The procedures for identifying and placing students in the high achiever program are determined by the school. High Achievers instruction will focus on differentiation depending on the needs and ability levels of the students in the class.

Continuation Policy: Students must maintain an average of 80% or higher at the end of each semester in order to remain in High Achievers core classes (Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies). Courses will be adjusted if the continuation policy is not met.

Probation: Students who fail to meet this requirement are first put on probation for one semester for the applicable subject.

Exits: Students will be exited from the High Achievers Program (in applicable subject only) when they fail to meet the requirements for 2 sequential semesters and will be scheduled accordingly.

Each Year, Peachtree Middle School sends out Placement Forms to notify students and parents where their child will be “placed or scheduled into classes” for the upcoming year. See the link on our website for the most current placement forms.

Current Criteria for High Achievers

(The Universal Screener is the MAP Assessment. MAP is administered three times a year.


High Achiever Criteria

* HA Language Arts and Social Studies- Reading Score of 55 or higher PR (Percentile Rank) on the Universal Screener.

* HA Math and Science- Math Score of 55 or higher PR (Percentile Rank) on the Universal Screener.

* Must maintain a grade of B or better average to continue in the High Achievers Program.

Elementary Schools will provide 5th Grade Spring Universal Screener Reading and Math scores to the Middle School.

Students who are new to PCMS and do not have Spring Map Scores from 5th Grade can be scheduled if seats are available and they qualify for the program.


Students currently in high achievers classes will be scheduled for all required courses for the next school year based on the current level of classes.

Students currently in Grade Level classes who meet the criteria for High Achiever may be placed in HA classes if such courses are offered and seats are available.

Parents can choose for their child not to participate in the high achiever’s program by completing a schedule change request form located in the counseling office.

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