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Who Are We?
Peachtree Charter Middle School (PCMS), is located in Dunwoody, Georgia, and is a DeKalb County middle school educating students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th.

PCMS shares many similarities with other successful academic environments, yet we offer even more. As a Charter School, we are allowed the freedom and the responsibility of site-based management. In the simpliest form that means that while we do follow the state curriculum, we have been given county and state approval to move beyond the norm and extend further to enhance our students’ education based on our students’ needs. As our charter document states, our school’s goals are to:
  • Improve upon the current curriculum and textbooks;
  • Involve parents in decision-making and school governance;
  • Develop a school-wide discipline plan to enhance school climate;
  • Provide measurable academic performance improvement criteria;
  • Increase parent involvement and communication with the school;
  • Qualify for grants to fund technology, facilities, and programs;
  • Use staff development funds to maximize student performance and achievement; and
  • Integrate Multiple Intelligences strategies into the curriculum and instructional delivery.

What makes PCMS special? Our mission statement sums it up:
"Through a spirit of teamwork, Peachtree Charter Middle School supports students in realizing their academic and personal dreams."
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